Anonymous: Fuck barca. No seriously Fuck them I pray for you


Kid, when you grow up, people will tell you about football legends. They will mention every great player that ever kicked a ball. Some will say Pelé was the greatest, others will say Maradona.. Even Best or Zidane. Don’t listen them. Don’t believe what they say. Because these eyes saw Messi play. And there was nobody like him.

Anonymous: Haha I noticed that you don't like Antonella ;) any other wags you don't like?

Hahaha really funny 😒

Anonymous: Even though I love Antonella and you don't like her, I still like you and your blog a lot. You seem like a very nice and funny person. I'd love to be friends despite the fact that you don't like someone I love. And FYI, I'm also a huge Brad Pitt fan :D

Sure why not, I’d appreciate it;)



  • Weligton stomped Messi’s hand a few years ago. Nothing happened.
  • Weligton pushed and kicked(?) Messi. Nothing happened.
  • Pepe stomped on Messi’s hand. Nothing happened. 

I don’t understand how Uefalona is working¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?


People call Antonela (or other wags) diosa?¿?¿?¿?

because he’s a footballer’s wife,puhahahahhaha:D

Anonymous: In argentina its super common to call a pretty girl diosa like "es ree diosa"


I know. It’s not only in Argentina btw. But people call her diosa because “omg the goddess, she’s unreal, perfection” etc and I find this amusing. Plus I don’t think she is so pretty. 

yeahhh melody!!!!! you’re absolutely right.antonellla were an ordinary person would be amazed how many people to him?Why am I so overrated

yes i’m a girl and yes i love football.

"In the dressing room the key word is respect. It’s much more important even than friendship. You can have one or two close friends, but you must have respect for every one of your teammates. That’s the only way the team can function, the only way we can win."